C'est la saint valentin!

A retouver sur le blog des Wagashi Chocolat!
3 years ago I created for my love an original chocolate,
he was japanese , I was french .
Today my love has gone but the chocolate stayed and have
become 和 chocolat.
those are for the memory of loved ones ,for the present love and for the futur ones !
I wish to all of you an happy Valentine!
6 valentine tastes are available ,
that you can buy in Kamakura at : Magokoro cafe, Bigaku cafe, Mahalo deli ...etc
or order 3 days in advance:
baiser épicé: spiced orange wa chocolat
coeur d'Afrique : Tonka bean and cacao beans eclats wa chocolat
toi: black sesame and hemp seed wa chocolat
Paris d'amour: walnut and almond wa chocolat
passion: ginger wa chocolat
amour de jeunesse: yuzu wa chocolat
( photos on diaporama up right)

wa chocolat is an azuki base chocolate with kuzu and agar agar .
Azuki ( Hokkaido ones) are from the famous hase shop in Kamakura and all other ingredients are 100 per cent organic .
The cacao powder, beans and cacao butter are also fair trade.
Prices are:
250 for one wa chocolat ( cornet)
630 for 3 wa chocolat ( paper light bag)
1150 for 6 wa chocolat ( jam pot)

You can order your valentine Wa cho , please contact me at
valerie.duvauchelle@gmail.com or at 080 3555 1002
Delivery by Takkyubin in Tokyo and kamakura ( 630 yens cost).


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